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Join Investment

Join process 


Submit your application through the relevant page of the official website.


Marketing staff will communicate with you to negotiate and confirm the qualification to become an agent.


The agent must submit relevant materials for our review as required.


After your relevant qualification is approved, both parties sign the contract.


Cooperation between the two sides officially began.


The agent must conduct relevant training in accordance with our requirements.

Planning and implementation support of large-scale marketing activities


Marketing expense support


Marketing strategy, technical expertise, installation and maintenance and team management training support


Large media advertising support

Agent support policy Preferential policy support

Conditions for becoming an agent

With independent office space and office equipment

The business premises have the functions of product storage, display and sales

Can take the whole container as the unit to purchase goods

It is not allowed to deal in the same kind of products of other brands that compete with our products

With a certain sales network and mature sales channels, with good marketing management and market development capabilities

Have relevant installation and service personnel

Identify with the company's business philosophy, to create mutual trust, win-win cooperation platform